What Facebook News Feed Change Means for Brands

Facebook announced on January 11, 2018 that content ranking, and more specifically posts, in its News Feed will change.

In the coming year Facebook members will see more posts from people they’re connected to and less content from publisher or businesses.

Engagement in terms of discussion will get priority: “deeper, more meaningful, more valuable interactions with people you care about”, People will spend “less but better, higher quality time on Facebook”.

The explicit goal stated by Facebook is to Get people closer together. In other words the ranking process will change which post to show in people’s feeds and in what order.

How is the new News Feed going to work?

Priority will be given to “person to person” other than “person to page” posts.

More in details the ranking algorithm will be based on what people will be interested in, taking into consideration signals like comments, likes, shares and predict which post a Facebook member will be interacting with.

Plus, predict the potential interaction between people or page (businesses, organizations, public figures) and person.

In addition to “person to person” priority, posts from people in a members‘ network will get more boost, as well as interactions that take more time and care:

  • Interactions with people that make more sense for the well being.
  • Stronger as a member is closer to the person.
  • Interactions that require some effort, for example, a long reply to a friend’s post.

How can pages’ posts can rank higher in the new News Feed?

Content strategy is the answer. Brand can build a new strong content strategy or optimize an existing one that serves better, relevant, well crafted and more relevant content to targeted audiences.

One way for example, is to leverage in the digital marketing mix live video marketing strategy as Facebook has recently confirmed that live videos get six times as many as interactions than regular videos.

Posts from pages that spark conversation between people will still rank high. For local businesses means connect with communities by posting relevant updates and creating events.

What does the News Feed change mean for Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads (paid placement) is not directly impacted by the News Feed change, but it will be more important than ever to amplify content for Pages.

Cost for brands will increase as per basics laws of demand and supply, demand will increase and supply decrease. Therefore, it will be more important and expensive to use. Brands should consider an ongoing Facebook Ads strategy more than stand alone campaigns.


The Facebook News Feed change means that brands need to rethink their strategies and shift. Investing in the right platform can no longer be done by ignoring in also investing in foundational studies and researches, use of data for understanding their audiences.

Last, it will be interesting to see how influencers will be impacted (likely favorable) by this change.

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